The 10 kinds of flowers that are most sought after by flower friends, what charm


Reasons on the list:

Purify the air, adsorb impurities

Strong ornamental, simple maintenance

Lu Luo has always been the popular lover of the majority of flower friends. It can be hydroponic and soil. The maintenance is very simple. Good absorption ability, who doesn’t like such plants?


Reasons on the list:

High face value, easy to feed

The succulent has always been a representative of cute things. It looks very cute, exposes the sun, and the color can still become very stunning. It has little requirements for water. It does not need to be watered frequently. It is very suitable for office workers to lazy people.

Key points for maintenance: dry the sun, water less water


Reasons on the list:

Flowers are fragrant, meaningful

Of course, it is also powerful to capture the hearts of Huayou. Of course, the white and elegant flowers emit a burst of fragrance. Whoever you are, you want to sniff twice. And gardenia can also purify the air and absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde.

The main points of maintenance: Gardenia flowers are often yellow leaves. Iron sulfate is poured every half a month, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of yellow leaves of gardenia flowers.


Reasons on the list:

High face value, long flowering period

The rose period is very long, which can almost open from May to November. Another prominent advantage is that there are many varieties, rich colors, and the price is not expensive. There is a reward every year.

The main points of maintenance: The light must be sufficient, it is best to put it on the south or terrace. There is a small courtyard. When the potted planting, the soil needs to be wet during the growth period. Great color.

Wealth tree

Reasons on the list:

The meaning is beautiful, and the tree position is upright

Fortune Tree means to recruit wealth and Jinbao, Great Great Greater, is a good helper for home decoration. It can effectively purify the air and create a large greenery for people.

Main points of maintenance:

The root system of the fortune tree is not developed. Pay attention to water control when the potted plant is maintained. The potting soil is semi -dry to prevent root rot. When the air is dry, spray water on the leaf surface.


Reasons on the list:

Absorb harmful substances, beautify the living room

Is the ideal “dust collector”

Clivia’s leaves are hypertrophic, and there are many pores and fluffs on the leaves. It can effectively absorb the dust and harmful gases in the air. It is often referred to as “dust collector”. Clivia also has a strong literati. Sex and longing.

Main points of maintenance:

It grows well under the scattered light. When watering, use the water for two or three days before using it.


Reasons on the list:

The flowering period is long, the meaning is beautiful,

Great Greater, long -lived life

Longevity flowers are long and beautiful, meaning auspicious, long -lived, so they are loved by many flower buds.

Main points of maintenance:

Longevity flowers like warm and humid light. The family can be placed on the south direction of the balcony. Watering does not need to be too diligent. The fleshy leaves of longevity flowers have strong water storage capacity, and too much watering can easily lead to rotten roots.


Reasons on the list:

Elegant bamboo, unique charm

Although the bamboo is not a bamboo, the leaves are light and common green, and they are all elegant and elegant. They are loved by the literati and elegant. A pot is placed in the room.

The main points of breeding flowers:

The bamboo leaves are soft and tender, so it is not tolerated, and yellow leaves are easy when the air is dry. During the growth period, it is necessary to maintain a sufficiently high air humidity, and watering can be wet and wet.

Spidering orchid

Reasons on the list:

Purify the air, absorb formaldehyde

Simple maintenance, four seasons evergreen

Dribal adaptability is strong and negative, and even if the light is insufficient, it can grow normally. And has good ability to purify the air, which can effectively absorb toxic gases in the air, such as carbon monoxide, toluene, nicotine, etc.

Main points of maintenance:

It is advisable to scattering light, watering and wetting, avoid potting of pot water. Every fifteen days can be used for fermented organic fertilizer.

Rich bamboo

Reasons on the list:

Flower blooming rich and wealthy, bamboo newspaper is safe

Since ancient times, there has been a saying that “flowers bloom and wealth, bamboo reports safely”. Therefore, wealthy bamboo has always been a beautiful plant with peace and wealth, and can effectively purify indoor air.

Main points of maintenance:

Rich bamboo is cultivated and protects the water. Pay attention to keeping the water quality clean. If the rich bamboo has yellowing, it can add an appropriate amount of iron sulfate, which can effectively prevent yellow leaves.

This is here today’s list,

Flowers, have you favorite flowers?

10 kinds of flowers, which one do you like best?

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