Air pineapple – no one can feed the elf plant

Air pineapple introduction

Air pineapple is also known as iron orchid, the air pineapple variety, the shape is very different, the main varieties are: Fusheng Tielan, gas Tielan, Silver Leaf Tielan, Conifer Tielan, Julia Tielan, Bergi Tielan, Cactus Tiedland, Bend Ye Tielan, Montellaria, Octopus Tielan, Scale Tielan, etc.

Air pineapple does not need to plant in the soil, and it is not necessary to plant a special plant that can grow as long as water is watering. Because air pineapple does not have a root, there is a water storage tissue on the blade, and the water gas and nitrogen compound in the air can be survived, and it is necessary to live well without special care, but the growth is relatively slow.

They have a strong adaptability, calm, light, wind resistant, well-resistant, heat resistant, cold-resistant; do not need pot, no soil, mosquito; it is a trunk, stone wall or even cactus plant. If you suddenly, you suddenly find it to the soil, it will harm her, so the guest officer will stop hurt her hand, and continue to be lazy.

Air pineapple pattern: Aerial flying man


Air pineapple, 3 deep semi-circular plastic boxes, spray paint, solid rope, nails, hammer.


Make a rope can pass by the top of the box;

Spray paint, spray your favorite colors;

Use the air pineapple to take a rope through the bottle.

Air Pine Path 2: Walls


Air pineapple, bonsai stone, a bag, transparent plastic epidural, waste shallow box one (bottom can not be disassembled) scissors, oily pen, glue.


Cut transparent plastic hard film is a round back of the box;

Put the stone and air pineapple in the box in the box;

The cropped transparent epido and the box are then sticky with glue.

Air pineapple picture appreciation

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