The breeding method and precautions of the eight treasure trees


The bonsai eight treasure trees usually use 15 to 20 cm flower pots. Under the flower pot, some broken bricks and broken tiles are needed to increase drainage.


In the summer, the eight treasure trees need to use a 70%shading net to block the sun, so as not to burns the leaves with strong sunlight.


Eight treasure trees prefer wet air and water with sufficient water. Therefore, when breeding Babao Tree, it is necessary to keep the soil moist, water it in time, and avoid drying the soil before watering. If the weather is too dry, water spray is also needed in the air near the eight treasure trees.


During the growth period, Babao tree needs to apply fertilizer every half a month, which can be used to promote the growth of plants with high potassium fertilizer.


When the eight treasure trees are long -term branches, pay attention to trimming and plastic surgery in time. The young plants of the eight treasure trees are mainly used to shape the form in the method of light cutting and sparse cutting. When the old plant is too big. It will be re -trimmed.


The young plants of the eight treasure trees need to be replaced in the spring of each year. After adulthood, it is sufficient to change the pot every two years.

Note: Eight treasure trees mainly prevent diseases and insect pests, mainly the hazards of leaf spots and anthracnose. If it occurs, a 10%antibacterial 401 acetate solution 1000 times can be used. In terms of insect pests, it is mainly the infringement of the scripts. It can use 40%oxidized lotion to kill insects 1000 times.

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