Black -eyed Susan’s breeding method and precautions

Black -eyed Susan’s breeding method

The most suitable sowing time of Black Eyes Susan should be in March each year, and it is necessary to gradually change the pots in accordance with its growth status. At about the final molding, the flower pot is about 20cm. Another way to reproduce is cuttings.


Black -eyed Susan prefers a warm and humid environment, and likes to grow in a sunny environment. The best growth temperature of Black Eyes Susan is between 20 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius. The following will be difficult to maintain normal growth.


Black -eyed Susan is a plant that likes fertilizers very much. Once you start to grow, you must strictly fertilize work, which is conducive to his flowering.


Black -eyed Susan’s growth soil should use nutritious soil. It can be used as base fertilizer with appropriate fertilizers, and continuously supplemented during the breeding process. If you can regularly fertilize the work, it will be more conducive to the growth of plants.


Black -eyed Susan is not drought, so we must water it in time during the breeding process. In summer, water should be sprayed with water as spray to keep the environmental humidity.


Tooling work can be performed at an appropriate time, which can cause branches. After blooming, you can trim the flower stems in time.

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