Bundacity method and precautions for black princes


It is appropriate to use drainage, breathable sofil soil cultivation, so that the elimination of excess water and the growth of the roots of the plant; 1/3 of the humus, sand and garden soil can be prepared. For every 1 to 2 years, it can cut the necrosis of the old roots.


The most suitable growth temperature of the black prince is 15 ~ 25 ° C. At 5 ° C, the plant stopped growth and a slight frostbite, and the moisture in the blade at 0 ° C was frozen and cell necrosis. The temperature in winter and summer is too high or too low, and the plants will stop growing. It is necessary to temporarily stop watering, and then resume the watering frequency after the temperature is restored. Summer high temperature should pay attention to ventilation and avoid long-term exposure.


The black prince contains a certain amount of water, so it is easy to pouring too much or long-term in a humid environment. In order to avoid the root moisture deposit, it is best to use a basin with drain holes in the bottom, and a good gas permeable red ceramic basin is used, and the glass container is absolute and the gas permeability is poor.


The more the light is, the greater the temperature difference between day and night, the brighter the color of the blade.

In the case of temperature permit, it is best to put out outdoor maintenance to ensure sufficient light. Excessive light is insufficient or too much moisture in the soil, it is easy to cause a long, and the whole plant will show out light green or dark green, and the blade is sparse and the spacing is long, and it will seriously affect the ornamentality, and even died because of photosynthesis.


It is usually removed in time to avoid breeding bacteria.

When the plant is long, it can also be shaped by trimming the top branches, and the height of the plants is controlled to maintain the beauty of the plant. The top end portion of the cut can be rooted in the potted tonic pelvic soil after drying the wound and become a new plant. Stem dry and branches in the bottom can germinate more lateral buds.


The black prince is strong, and management can be slightly placed.

Pay attention to control watering during summer, so as not to cause rotten roots due to soil, during the winter, the leaves will turn green, especially the new leaf, more obvious, but not to manage it, wait after spring , As the increase in light will gradually become dark purple.

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