There are so many kinds of succulent, which one do you like


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After the succulent is stimulated, the top of the top forms multiple growth points. The top of these growth points can be connected into a line, and finally it is a fan -shaped or chicken crown.

It is not the same as the fleshy bulls. The bulls are irregularly facing different directions, but the dotted head is regular.

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Setting method: Although the decorativeization is very beautiful, the factors that make it mutated are very uncontrollable. Temperature, watering, climate mutations, radiation, drugs, etc. can all make it decorated.

According to some flower buddies, the larger, healthy leaves are selected for leaf insertion, and the ratio of decoration is relatively high.


The so -called brocade actually refers to the variant of succulent color. White, yellow, red and other colors appear in stems and leaves, or these colors of spots (that is, spots). For example, the lotus palm in the picture above is yellow, which is brocade.

It is different from the state of the brocade. The state refers to the original color of fleshy in the influence of sunshine, moisture and other factors, such as the black prince from green to black, yellow Li from green to yellow, red childhood lotus to red, red childhood lotus becomes red, and red infant lotus becomes red. Wait. The brocade is a color mutation.

The brocade method: The brocade is the same as the decorativeization. It is a genetic mutation and cannot be found. At present, the most effective way is to cut the branches of cutting brocade. The brocade needs to spread to the eyes of the buds before cutting out the descendants of brocade.

If the flower friends find that the succulent brocade reaches the bud eyes, it can be purified by artificial methods: cut off the growth points other than the brocade, so that the nutritional buds will be concentrated. Jin’s side bud.

Group life

Qunsheng is a lot of heads on a fleshy.

Method method:

1. The varieties of quiet night, Zi holding lotus, white peony, Ji Haoyue and other varieties, they like to explode the cubs.

2. Before beheading: After the succulent beheading head cuttings, do not throw the original branches.

3. Leaf cutting: Some succulents can grow long when cutting the blades, but this has a certain proportion, not every blade can grow.

Old pile

After many years of fleshy, the stems below have been lonely, and old piles are formed.

Old pile method:

1. Normal succulents may form an old pile after 2 or 3 years.

2. You can first let the fleshy sun be exposed to the sun. After the length to a certain extent, remove the bottom leaves at the bottom, water less, and expose the sun. Old piles may appear in about 1 year, but Huahua feels that this is not as beautiful as the old pile that is formed naturally. Essence

excessive growth

In the absence of light and excessive water, the color of the leaves becomes green, the spacing between the leaves is stretched, and it grows into a fine high.

Solution: Most of the flesh after the long, should not look good, you should expose the sun in time to reduce watering, or simply cut off the flesh at the top to make it take root again.

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