Can alum root be planted indoors?

Can it be planted indoors

Alum root is native to the Americas and has recently promoted better in my country. For many plants with very strict environmental requirements, alum roots are better to feed. Of course, you can plant it indoors. Don’t pay attention to some issues.

Specific factors should be paid attention to

Control of light:

This plant prefers a semi -yin and cool environment, so you can usually put it in the dark. However, light is indispensable for most plants, which can provide heat and improve the resistance of plants. So it is not advisable to not bask in the sun at all. It is possible to take it out of the day to see it, but to avoid vertical irradiation, otherwise the leaves will cause lesions or suffer from other diseases.

Selection of soil and pots:

This plant does not like to live in soils with high nutrient content, and general cultivation soil. The choice of pots is more important. You must choose a container with good water permeability.

Applying fertilizer:

We have said above that plants are not suitable to be raised in the soil of excess nutrition. Therefore, fertilizer cannot be applied too much. Some fertilizers containing nitrogen can be applied in moderation. However, if the plant slows down in winter, do not fertilize at this time.

Regulating the amount of watering:

From the choice of tile pots, we can see that it does not like a moist environment. Therefore, there are too many times, and when you see that the soil is completely dry, water it. Summer evaporation is strong, two to three times a week. It is best not to be excessive in winter. Just once every two weeks.

Regulating temperature:

They have strong cold resistance, and they can not be controlled in this regard.

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