Common varieties of wheat straw chrysanthemum

Hair leaf wheat straw chrysanthemum

Magnoma and wheat straw chrysanthemums are a relatively common cultivation of wheat straw chrysanthemum.

The origin of hair and chrysanthemums is in New Zealand, and it is now more common in garden cultivation. The main characteristic of coat and wheat straw chrysanthemum is that it has a vine -growing stem, and the leaves are rounded. When blooming, the head -shaped inflorescence is single, and the flowers are white.


Umbrella flower wheat straw chrysanthemum is another common cultivation variety of wheat straw chrysanthemums. It is not produced in the Australian mainland, but is native to South Africa. The biggest feature of umbrella flower wheat straw chrysanthemum is its head -shaped inflorescence umbrella.

There are some shrubs at the base of umbrella flower wheat straw chrysanthemums. Its leaves are ovate. The head -shaped inflorescence umbrella is a room -like shape. The bracts are long and round, and the apex is more blunt and appears milky white.

Tianshan wheat stalk chrysanthemum

Tianshan wheat straw chrysanthemum is also one of the common cultivation varieties of wheat straw chrysanthemums. This kind of wheat straw chrysanthemum is native to Xinjiang in China. It has a history of planting in China and has a wide distribution. Planting in flower gardens is generally planted.

Tianshan wheat straw chrysanthemum is a herbaceous plant. The entire plant of Tianshan wheat stalk chrysanthemum has a thick and small fluffy hair. The leaves are narrow and long, which presents a lanceolate. When blooming, the color of the flowers of Tianshan wheat stalks is yellow or orange -red. The flowers from this kind of chrysanthemums from wheat straw are very like a golden sun, which is dazzling and very moving.

Emperor Beibei

Emperor Beibei is another kind of cultivation variety. It is mainly divided into high, medium, and short varieties. There are large flowers and small flowers.