His succulent summer is not dead, and the potted grass is really useful?

Enhance beauty

Potcaweed is not as thin as the name. Potcaus is also a succulent plant, but it is relatively short and more suitable for decoration. In addition to being embellished in the fleshy potted plants, the charm of the potted grass itself can also be added to other flower pot plants. It is another beauty with the sporadic beauty and the atmosphere and dignity.

Adjust temperature

Generally, the fleshy flesh is not resistant to high temperature. If the temperature is too high, it will enter the summer sleep period, so at this time, the potted grass is used to adjust the temperature in the flower pot. Plant the pots and the main plants in a flower pot. When the sun shines, the potted grass can be used when the temperature of the pot is overheated. It can also adjust the temperature of the flower pot so that the main plant will not be harmful to the strong light.

Absorb moisture

The water absorption performance of pots is also a main role. If the pot is watering too much or causing water in the flower pot, the owner cannot clean up in time. Drop, thereby preventing the rotten roots of flowers for a long time.


Generally in the same soil, the saplings grow strong, and weeds will inevitably not be too bad. Therefore, pots can also play a comparison role. The good growing grass is that the supply of moisture and fertilizers in the pots is normal and suitable. It can be seen that the role of potted grass is still very large.

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