Cultural breeding method and precautions

Calendula’s farming method

Spring, summer, three seasons

Caletic chrysanthemum can not be strong, spring, summer, three seasons need to be blocked in time, if the temperature during the day exceeds 25 ° C, do not put it directly in the sun, otherwise the blade will be significantly smaller, the distance of the branches is reduced, the bottom of the leaf will gradually change Yellow, fall off, and the growth of plants gradually slowed or even infiltrate semi-sleep.

In winter, because the temperature is not high, you can give direct shooting, promote photosynthesis, which is conducive to calendula forming flower buds, flowering, and results.

After the plant blossoms, the plant can now maintain 10 ~ 15 days, then move it to the outdoor covering environment for a month, so alternating, it is conducive to the accumulation of plant nutrients, and prolongs the flowering period.

Warm, avoid heat

Caleoni likes warm climate, afraid of heat, summer temperature is higher than 34 ° C will grow poorly;

Incomplete frost, winter temperatures below 4 ° C will enter sleep or even death.

The most suitable growth temperature of the calendula is 15 ~ 25 ° C, and it should pay attention to control temperature during the year, and the window is opened in time, and the water is flooded. The indoor temperature is controlled.

Carting trim

Every two months cut a branch with old leaves and yellow leaves once, as long as the temperature is suitable, can flow in the four seasons.

Take the heart twice before flowering, to promote more flowering branches: up to one to two weeks later, or when the seedlings are 6 ~ 10 cm, there are six-piece leaves, take the top tip, retain 3 to 4 leaves in the lower part caused branches. After the first pick-up 3 to 5 weeks, or when the side branches were long to 6 to 8 cm, the second picking is taken, that is, the top tip of the lateral branch is removed, and 4 leaves below the side branch are retained. After two, the plants will be more ideal and the number of flowers is also.

Control humidity, water in time

Calendula likes the humid environment, controls humidity at 755%, in time in time in maintenance, the moisture increases humidity, 1 to 3 times a day, the temperature is high in sunny, appropriate increases, and the rainy day temperature is low. Suitably reduce the number of water spings. However, excessive spray is easily rotted by the pathogenesis, so it should also pay attention to water quality when spraying.

Celebile breeding precautions

Pay attention to the water

Watering is not too much during growth, keeping soil moist. When the temperature is high, spray in time, increase the air humidity.

Pest control

Calendula common pests and diseases have a fine sickness and frostic mildew, and it is timely sprayed the Zinc wettable powder 500 times liquid spraying prevention. In the early summer, the temperature gradually increased, and the calendula often occurred leaf spot disease, spraying the rusting wettable powder 2000 times liquid for control.

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