Dandelion’s breeding

Reproductive way

Seed reproduction

Dandelion is multi-breeding. Seeds have no sleeping period, mature-harvested seeds, can be sown from spring to autumn. According to the demand, winter can also be planted in the greenhouse, and the live broadcast is available in the field, and the spacing is 25-30 cm, which is about 10 cm, and the seed is on the ground. Then, then slightly suppressive . The amount of sowing is 0.5-0.75 kg per mu. Pingbun spread, the acre used 1.5-2.0 kg. Pingyu spread, the mu of 1.5-2.0 kg, the quality of the dandelion-wide varieties per acre per mu is only 25-50 grams. After the planting, the grass is placed, and the seedling is revealed, and the seedling can be taken for about 6 days.


The roots of wild dandelions can be taken in spring or in the fall, and the rancous block is transferred, the strain is 15cm * 10cm. It is best to sit in water to ensure survival. In October, it is 10cm * 5cm, which is 10cm * 5cm, which is often 10cm * 5cm. Pay attention to watering, and chooses to be available during the New Year’s Day.

Cultivation of greenhouses

The seedlings were made in October. The method was the same as in front of March, and it was harvested after a month.


In order to elongate the white tender part of the leaf handle, it is sandwicked when the seedling is serming, 1-2 cm each time, 4-5 times, can increase from the white tender portion to increase 5-10 cm.

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