Does Tang print are suitable for tendout?

Does Tang print are suitable for tendout?

The spring and autumn season is the growth period of Tang Yin, the sun in Spring and Autumn is very gentle, and it is very suitable for the Tang print in outdoor.

Tang print, blade, showing pink colors, very beautiful.The Tang printing of the tender, the more beautiful, the more beautiful, and is loved by many meat plant farmers.

But pay attention to, the summer Tang print can not be exposed, suitable for teaching before 10 o’clock in the morning, in the evening.

Tang print appreciation

Indoor cultured Tang print

Dwy Tang print precautions

There is a problem with the dilute Tang print, that is, a lot of dust.Our air is definitely not fresh and clean, and now the air quality in the north of the South is not good.

Because there is a layer of white powder on the blade of the Tang Yishi, so if it is dusty, it will be very unclean, because a little power, it destroys the ash of the Tang print itself, affecting the beautiful view.

The best way is to use the sprayer to remove the gray, so it can avoid white powder falling.

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