Du Song’s breeding method and precautions

Du Song’s breeding method


Du Song is a plant with strong adaptability. He is both cold -resistant and drought -resistant, but the two are not very suitable for Du Song. between.

Growth environment

Du Song does not like too much moist growth environment. Du Song prefers slightly humid and slightly dry environment.


Du Song is a kind of environment that prefers the sun, but it cannot let it expose and direct in the sun. The most suitable growth environment is a half -shade environment.


Du Song’s demand for fertilizer is still strong, so he should often perform fertilization work on Du Song, or add nutrients directly to its growth substrate, so as to better promote Du Song’s growth.


In the spring, there are still watering work in summer to ensure that the soil is moist. Wait until the summer, but do not water it too much water, causing the water accumulation. Keeping humidity on the leaves, watering in winter can be reduced in moderation.


When the plants are dormant to stop growing in winter, the diseased branches, weak branches, dead branches, and worm branches of the plant should be trimmed.

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