Single petal elm plum

Open pink or pink white flowers, single petals, small flowers, and 5 pieces of calyx and petals. Similar to wild elm plums, the branches are reddish brown.

Staple lobe

The flowers are reddish -brown, and the shapes are relatively large, with heavy petals, many flowers and dense flowers. The calyx is more than 10 tablets, and the calyx and stems are red.

Most of the branches of severe petal elm leaf plums are mostly cracking. Because of its large flowers, it is also called “Big Flower Elm Leaf Plum”. It is a variety with high ornamental value, but the flowering time is later than other varieties. Essence


The flowers are pink, semi -petals, flowers and bodies are more than 10 pieces.

The small branches of the plant are reddish brown, and the cultivation of gardens and courtyards is wide.

Wanzhi Yuye Mei

The shape of the flowers is relatively small, and densely grows on the branches. The color is rose -purple, semi -semi -petals or to severe petals. Flower Bodhicitta, 5 tablets are triangular, 5 pieces are lanceolate.

Plants are purple -red, smooth, flowering time earlier than other varieties, and the flowering period is about 10 days.

Jieye Ya Mei

Shruck, rare small trees, about 2-5 meters in height, bark cracks, purple brown or brown, hairyless or fine hair when you are young.

The leaves are wide or ovate, 3-6 cm long, 2-5 cm wide, and the apex is gradually pointed, usually 3 cracks.

The flowers are pink. The characteristics of the leaves of the leaves are characterized by the leaf’s front end. It is similar to the triangle and strong cold resistance.

Purple -leaf heavy petals of elm leaf plum

It is a new variety of elm plums cultivated in my country. The leaf color is red and bright, the flowers are heavy, and the flowers are mostly pink. They are the latest varieties of large petals of elm.