Fedocho method and precautions

Emperor sowing method

Sowing time

The most common way to get in Feyland is to sow, its drought resistance, and the ability to resist coldness is very strong, and the sowing is simple. Usually sowing every year from 8 to September, after a long winter, you can bloom!

Sowing method

First prepare the pot soil, try to choose a deep and wide flower pot, which is better. In the flower pot, it is loaded into the soil, perlite, grass ash mixed soil, add a small amount of base fertilizer.

Will prepare seeds, uniform spreads with pots, cover a layer of thin soil, put water, cover the flower pot with glass or film, to ensure a certain temperature humidity, normal management. When the small seedlings have to supplement the sun in time.

Federal breeding method

Water fertilizer requirements

Two months is a wildflower wild cuisine, very good management, don’t need you, remember that it is often watering.

In February, Lanxi Fertilizer, the nutrients can make it grow up in February, and will promote flowering. In general, it is necessary to apply four fertilizers in the early spring buds. After the flower buds are fertilized. After the spending, after the fertilization, after the result, it will fertilize it once before winter. Of course, during the growth of February, it is possible to spray the dihydrogen phosphate solution, and the color will be more gorgeous, and the fruit will be more full.

Change the pot

Potted February, the requirements of the Belt is relatively high (not comparable to the opposite placement, there is no comparability), so it is necessary to change every year during the maintenance. It is usually used to use the garden soil, pearlite, grass ash, and appropriate amount of base fertilizer.

In order to ensure the good ornamental effect of Feilai, it is necessary to control its unsconward, so it is necessary to pay attention to it, and the height of the scissors 10 ~ 15 cm, don’t be reluctant!

February Lannam Precautions

The maintenance method of Feymland is simple, the temperature and humidity have no strict requirements, as long as the environment is not suitable, it can grow very well.

In addition, Feyrant is also a common wild vegetable, which is rich in stems and leaves, which is conducive to the health of the human body, but seeing flowers and vegetables are contradictory, and there are fewer plants in the family. If you don’t have a love heart , Still plant it as a wild vegetable!

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