Flycoplast breeding method and precautions

Illumination requirements

Plenty of illumination can make the flies are stronger. It takes at least 4 hours of sun direct light per day. If the illumination time is insufficient, the inner clip will be small, and the leaf handle is elongated, and the weight may lead to the death of plants. If the sun is lacking in the winter, a fill light can be used.

Moisture requirements

Use soft water such as pure water, rain water. Create a small environment similar to the native land with pelvic miracy (also known as “waist” method).

Humidity requirements

The humidity is large, because the native environment of the flies is a marshopathy, so if you have a cultivation at home, you need to create a similar environment.

Diffier straw 01450 * 300

Specific practice can be used to do waist water, which increases the humidity around the plant, or can also add moss on its surface, and it helps to maintain air humidity.

Soil requirements

Flycillas like acidic environments. Therefore, the substrate is preferably maintained at pH 3.5-5 acidity.

There is no fertilizer, peat with peat (2: 1) or pure water, is a very good matrix choice, the substrate is best to replace once a year.

Temperature requirements

Growth temperature 15 ° C ~ 35 ° C, most suitable temperature: 21 ~ 35 ° C, if it is desired to sleep, the temperature can be controlled at about 5 ° C (0 ~ 8 ° C).


The growth energy of the flyth is from the organic substances and a very small amount of inorganic salt produced during the daylight. Eat insects like fertilization. You can make them fast, but it really don’t want too much, too frequent. And like chicken, beef this kind of human favorite food is hard to digest for them.


The fertilizer can cause death in the substrate directly, because the root of the reword plant is extremely salt. So if you want to fertilize the low concentration of liquid fat in the leaves.

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