Four season sea otter farming methods


The four seasons are not cold, so they should move potted to indoors, prevent frostbite before the frost, if the temperature in the room can be kept above 15 ° C, and the seasons of the potted seeds can continue to flow.


The four seasons must water in the summer and evening, and the winter watering time is preferably at noon, and the light is the strongest. Watering should not be poured, otherwise the soil water will lead to rotten roots, the leaves are yellow and even withered.


Four seasons Haoyu, the warm environment, therefore should be placed in a place where the light is sufficient, ventilated, and if the light is insufficient, it will affect the growth and development, the color is dim.


During the growth period of the four seasons, every 10 days should be applied 1 thin liquid fertilizer. Fertilizers should be based on phosphorus, the four seasons are slow, and the fertilization should be stopped or as little as possible to avoid damaging stem leaves. Anti-heat and cold resistance thus trigger rot.

Pest Control

The seasons are high and the growth resistance is high, so there is not much sick, and the curl moth is one of them. When it is verified, it can be used to capture the larvity of the lamp, or severely spray oxidation. Dilution.

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