Fu Lu’s breeding method and precautions

Watering and fertilization

Fulox will ensure that there is sufficient moisture, keep the potted soil moist, but do not pour it directly from the head while watering is watered, so as to avoid leaf area water.

Keep a well ventilate, rainy season, can be raised properly, but pay attention to timely drainage to avoid pests.

During the growth, especially after picking up, after trimming, the thin liquid fertilizer should be added in time, promote the growth of branches, and promote flowering. Fulu has been more sensitive to nitrogen fertilizer. The excess of nitrogen will burn small seedlings, so pay attention to preparation of phosphorus, less nitrogen fertilizer during fertilization.

Light and temperature

Most of the wildflowers are giving a bright type, so they are relieved to give light, and the growth period should ensure sunshine, of course, in the humble environment can grow.

Fulu test is not resistant to high temperature, summer temperature is above 35 ° C, there will be obvious yellow leaf phenomenon, to make appropriate shading, avoid direct sunlight, water cooling. Fulu test resistant, winter can be in winter outdoor, but some areas are too low in winter, and it is recommended to go to the indoor winter.

Plastic surgery

When Fulu did about 15 cm, you should take a pick-up, pull the top, promote branches, and control the plant height, and ensure that the strain is short and full.

After flowering, the stem residual will be repaired, and the branches are properly cut, and the new branches of the germination can be bloom twice.

Pest control

The pests and diseases of Fu Lu, there will occasionally hazard the hazards of leaf spot and aphids. Once the pests and diseases are sprayed in time, they don’t let you raise the stomach of the bug.


The small seedlings of the Fu Lu did not resist the transplant. After the seedling of the seedlings were used, don’t come back and forth, Xiao Miao was stable after 4 weeks, and the roots can be transplanted. At the beginning, you can choose 10 cm left and right small pots, and you can change the large basin after the seedling grows.

In a sunshine environment, the Folo is growing well. Just trimming in time, the plant is compact, but if the sun is lacking, it may cause a long, and it is possible to grow “ginseng big tree”. It can spray the stimuli appropriately. Let the Fu Lu’s examination is not high.

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