Xi Yin plant is suitable for indoor planting

Observation pineapple

The flowers and leaves of the pineapple have the value of viewing, and it is also a more popular potted plant in the room. Its period can be up to 3 months, but in winter, pay attention to the cold.

Brazilian wood

Brazilian wood is a more common potted plant in the room. Whether it is a studio, home, or some public places, you can see the figure of Brazilian wood. Its maintenance is also very simple, and its planting soil is dry in water.

Iron wire fern

Iron wire fern is a more popular type of ferns. The color of its leaves is green and shiny. Some people compare it as a woman’s hair. The most important thing for its daily maintenance is to maintain the humidity of its environment.

Rich coconut

Rich coconut is the most common and popular one of potted palm plants. As long as you give it a little care, it can grow well, and it is also a very shade -resistant plant. But do not water more, otherwise it will die.


Tiger Piran is also a potted plant that does not need to take care of it. If you forget to water it, maybe it will grow healthier. Conversely, if you often water it, it will wither you like being flattered.


The peacockaches are very beautiful indoor potted plants. As long as the room is bright enough, it can grow healthily. But the temperature in winter must not be less than 13 degrees, otherwise it will be frostbite.

Spidering orchid

The sunlight will be reaction when the sun is sunny. The leaves will be burnt. As long as you grow in a bright place, do you want to hang it or want to put it on the platform.

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