Crystal lotus breeding method

Crystal lotus characteristics

The shape of Crystal Lotus is very similar to the lotus. The color is slightly transparent. From a distance, it is like crystal. Therefore, Crystal Lotus likes a warm environment, but Crystal Lotus does not like the sun and likes to grow in a coolness. The place is very resistant to drought but cold, just like other succulent plants, it is not advisable to expose it under the scorching sun. The most suitable growth temperature of Crystal Lotus is between fifteen and twenty degrees Celsius. Pay attention to keep the air humidity.

Crystal lotus farming requirements for air humidity

Crystal lotus has high requirements for air humidity during the growth process. Generally, the humidity of the crystal lotus growth environment is about 60 %. If the air is too dry, it is necessary to water it. Frequently, when you are worried about rotten roots, you can spray water into the air to keep the humidity in the air.

Crystal lotus breeding requirements for light

Crystal lotus does not like the sunlight that is too irritating. Even in the cold winter, Crystal Lotus does not like to be directly shot under the sun. It can receive about three to four hours a day. At the time of shading, especially at noon in the summer, the pores of the plants are in a closed state when the sun is direct. Plants die.

Crystal lotus grows on soil requirements

The requirements of Crystal Lotus growth for the soil are loose and breathable. It is best to sterilize and disinfection before planting crystal lotus. The fertile soil is best.

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