Goldfish grass variety

Frequent variety of goldfish grass: flower rain series

Tatney, strain is 15 ~ 20 cm, branched, with two-color species more attractive, apricot yellow / white double color species.

Goldfish grass common variety: rhythm series

Tatney, strain height 15 to 20 cm, branched strong.

Goldfish grass common variety: Tahiti

The strain is 20 to 25 cm, rich in color, including five kinds of two-color species, famous purple / white and rose / white double color species, the earliest species of dwarf seeds, and early flowering for 10 days.

Goldfish grass common variety: sweetheart

Plant is 15 cm high, dwarf hybrid 1 generation, heavy petals, rhododendron, rich in color.

Goldfish grass common variety: baby

Plant is 30 cm high, branched, rhododendron.

Goldfish grass common variety: bell

The strain is 20 to 25 cm, the flower butterfly type, which is red bells (Redbells) for new varieties, and is very popular in the international flower market. In addition, new varieties have labella, 45-50 cm high, branched, beautiful, colorful.

Goldfish grass common variety: black prince

Plant is 40 ~ 45 cm, leaflet, dark red.

Frequent variety of goldfish grass: butterfly lady

Rhododendron pattern, flower colorful powder, dark red, golden, yellow, rose red.

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