How does Tielan reproduce?

Sowing reproduction

Tielan’s seeds are generally obtained by artificial pollination methods. When obtaining seeds, sowing should be performed. The sowing soil can be mixed with peat soil+perlite+river sand. Sprinkle evenly on the soil and cover it with a plastic film without covering the soil. The best temperature for its germination is between 24 ° C and 26 ° C, and seedlings can be emerged in one to two weeks. When Xiaomiao gave birth to 3 to 4 leaves, it can be transplanted to other flower pots.


The best time for the branch is from April to June. When the suction buds grow 3 to 5 leaves, when the height is 10 cm, the plant is pulled out of the pot as a whole, the soil is cleaned, and then the suction buds are picked down. After you go down, disinfect the wound in natural drying, and finally insert it into the appropriate soil. At this time, you must ensure the humidity of the soil and the air. When the new root is growing, it can be maintained according to the normal maintenance method.


Cutting reproduction is also a common breeding method for flower friends. When the buds of Tielan grow to 10 cm high, and 3 to 5 leaves are born, they can be cut directly. In the rough sand or perlite, as after the separation, it is necessary to ensure the appropriate amount of humidity of the soil and the air. The maintenance method is maintained; the choice of the buds is very important. It should not be too large.

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