How to difference between Lales and Nepeta

1. Observe the blades

Compared with the two, the blades of Nepeta are relatively small and narrow, and the leaves of Laler are relatively large. The blades of Nepeta are relatively smooth, without obvious wrinkles, and they are relatively flat leaves, so they look relatively straight. In contrast, the folds of the Lales blades are relatively obvious, and the uneven feeling is very strong.

2, smell taste

The smell of plant Nepeta is very heavy, very nose. In contrast, the taste of Lales is more milder, without the taste of nepeta. Therefore, we can also distinguish between Laler and Nepeta by smelling the smell of the two.

3. Different from the petiole

The color of the mature Raul’s petiole is darker, purple, and the petiole of the Raul’s petiole is very smooth and there is no fluff. Nepeta’s petiole is as tender and green as the blades, but the emerlebone petiole is covered with fine soft fluffy fluff. In addition, there are some small white burrs on Nepeta’s petiole. From this point, we can distinguish between Lales and Nepeta.

4. Different flowers

Both the flowers and nepeta’s flowers are relatively small flowers, but the flowers of Laler are purple and the smell is heavier, which will attract some small insects. Nepeta’s flowers are white. The color of the flowers can be distinguished from the color of the flowers and nepeta.

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