How to distinguish the leaflet gardenia and Big Leaf Gardenia

The difference between the appearance of Xiaye Gardenia and Big Leaf Gardenia

Big leaves gardenia can grow to more than 2 meters high, the leaves are relatively large, and they are long and round. The stems of the leaves are obvious, the flowers are large and the petals are large and the petals; the lexical gardenia is about 10-20 cm high, the leaves are small and narrow, and the branches are creepers. Growing up the level, more flowering, but the flowers and leaves are small.

The left side of the picture below is the large leaf gardenia and the small leaf gardenia on the right. Obviously, the two gardenia flowers are different in the size and shape of the leaves.

The fragrance of the fragrance of the leaflet gardenia and the large leaf gardenia

In terms of fragrance, the leaflet gardenia is not rich in large leaf gardenia, a little creamy atmosphere. When the flower friends buy it, they can also distinguish the large leaf gardenia and the leaflet gardenia by smelling the fragrance.

The survival rate of Xiaye Gardenia and Big Leaf Gardenia

Although the leaflet gardenia is relatively small, it is easier to survive than Big Leaf Gardenia. Especially during cutting, the survival rate of moby gardenia is much higher than that of Big Leaf Gardenia.

The growth conditions of Xiaoye Gardenia and Big Leaf Gardenia

Large leaf gardenia is suitable for land planting, cold -resistant, flowering period, and strong adaptability; small leaflets can be used as small potted plants, which are not cold -resistant. The flowering period is relatively long and has higher environmental conditions.

On the left side of the picture below is the large leaf gardenia in the field, and the right side is the small leaf gardenia in the field. It can be clearly seen that the difference between the leaves of the two leaves.

I hope that through the popularity of our gardenia small knowledge, everyone can distinguish the Olympics when buying and breeding ~~

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