How to place duck feet wood

Feng shui effect

Duck feet has a certain effect of wicked evil spirits. There is a individual called large -leaf umbrella with wide leaves. There is a saying that potted pots with large leaves have a good effect of warding evil spirits. Putting the potted plants of the duck feet in a place with evil spirits can play a role in warding evil.

In addition, duck -footed wood is also more conducive to the play of feng shui. It can play a good beautification effect on home, and can arrange living rooms, study, bedrooms, etc.

Feng shui placement

The balcony is a good place to place, because the balcony is a more suitable environment for duck -footed wood growth. You can plant flowers and plants on the balcony, create a small garden, and the matching of duck feet and various potted plants can create a beautiful home view. Essence

Duck feet can be decorated with bedrooms to create cute scenes. Put the cute duck -footed wood in the bedroom. You can see it every day, and your mood will definitely get better.

Duck feet wood is suitable for the living room. The living room is the largest room, and the door is very close to the door. The role of Feng Shui is very powerful. Placing duck -footed wood in the living room can play a role. Invasion.

Duck feet are also suitable for planting in the study. Green potted plants in the study can mainly improve Wenchang transport. Placing the big duck feet with large leaves in the study room is greatly helpful for the improvement of Wenchangyun.

When the duck feet are placed, try to stay away from the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen belongs to fire. The duck feet are wood, and the fire is wood. Putting in the kitchen is not conducive to the feng shui of duck feet. The bathroom is the place where filthy gas gathers, and it will also affect the Feng Shui gas field of duck feet.