Farming method and precautions


The planting soil of the duck is required to be deep, loose fat, and the family pot will generally use the humorite or peat soil, the idyllic earth, plus 1/4 of the river sand or pearl rock uniformly mix. In order to ensure soil fertilizer, a small amount of pie fertilizer can be added to the soil.

Method for planting on top

Choose root-based and complete robust seedlings, in the autumn or spring germination, in the basin.

Planted a layer of rubble on the bottom of the container before planting, add a small amount of nutritious soil, and the plants were placed in a flower basin and added a small amount of soil root and the soil closely bonded. Then take the water, compact the soil. After the new plants are planted, they should be in the first week, then gradually transferred to the sun and perform normal management.


The duckber is growing well in an environment with high air humidity and soil moisture, pay attention to daily maintenance, pay attention to replenish moisture, but don’t give water, otherwise it will cause a large amount of fallen leaves, and should pay attention to water under low temperature in winter.

If the duck wood is maintained in a plastic flower pot, pay attention to the timely drainage, water is watered in time, keeping the soil moist at any time. When the weather is dry, spray around the plants, and the rain will pay attention to the rain, and the water in the basin should be avoided.

Sunlight, temperature

The duckbed wood likes half-yin environment, should be placed in a brightly refined light, so the home is put on a single pot. As long as the light is bright, you can enjoy it for a long time. Winter can be moved to the South Window, and the flower pot can be moved to the outdoor ventilation in the spring and autumn. However, pay attention to proper shading, so as to avoid the sun.

The duck is not cold, and the winter should be kept at 10 ° C. If the room temperature is less than 8 ° C, the leaves will gradually be yellow, if the leaves below 0 ° C will cause the blade to fall off, so the most difficult winter in the duckberry is the most difficult winter. Need to control the temperature of the room.

Timely change pot trim

Ducks need to change the pot once every spring, if you need to pay attention to the soil with plastic basins.

The duckber is growing faster, it is easy to germinate, and it is often plastic surgery and trimming in a set of plants to keep the strain. Maintenance of the duck wood, with years of old branches, the strains are too large, can combine the bispress when germination of sprouts, cut the branches and old roots.


If the duckber is cut, it is necessary to prevent it to change the basin, and there is a significant change in the basin. Typically, 2 to 3 grandmothers are growing, and then the basin can be changed once a year.

Create a comfortable maintenance environment. Guaranteed the temperature appropriate, drought and flood, watering in time, in time in summer, water is sprayed into the leaves, ensuring adequate illumination time.

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