How to raise moss micro -landscape

How to breed moss micro -landscapes


Moss is actually a yin -ray plant. The requirements for light are not high. Generally, it can be placed indoors, and it is good to contact the scattered light every day. Be careful not to expose the exposure.


Moss is more wet, and usually relies on the leaf surface to absorb water. You can spray the leaves when watering, but you should pay attention to the water too much, and it is easy to get sick. It can be kept a bit, because moss can be restored if the moss is dry.


The appropriate temperature of the sacrifice of moss is between 5 ° C -28 ° C. This temperature is still relatively easy to achieve, and most areas can be met.


Moss is not very high in soil. Generally, you can choose a special cultivation soil.


Moss breeding is very important to keep ventilation. Generally, the micro -landscape should open the cover every day to allow the air to circulate.

Precautions for Moss Micro Landscape Breeding


When breeding moss, the plant will whiten the plant. It may be that the watering is too little, which will cause it to be too dry and water it in time.


The yellowing of moss is usually light and soil, or the air is not smooth enough.


Moss is usually caused by too much watering. Pay attention to stop watering and absorb excess water to keep ventilation.

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