How to raise the white palm

First, the maintenance environment

1, soil

Potted white palm requires soil loose, drainage and well-venting, and the soil that is bonded is not available. When the ball is changed, it is generally mixed with humorite + peat + a small amount of perlite. In addition, a small amount of organic fertilizer is added to the soil, and the white palm grows better.

2, humidity

The humidity includes environmental humidity and soil humidity, during the growth of the white palm, keep the pot soil dry, but do not water, keep the potting soil, not dry, or not wet, otherwise it is easy to rotten.

3, temperature

The white palm is a high temperature resistant plant, and the temperature will grow very well. Summer high temperature period can grow, blossom, flowering in May to August. The lowest temperature in the winter leaf tip should be controlled at 14 to 16 ° C, daytime above 25 ° C.

4, light

The growth of the light is critical to the growth of the white palm, especially in winter and early spring, can promote the growth of the white palm, but with the temperature rise, the light is getting striped, and it should be sunshade in time.

Second, the cultured method

The maintenance of the white palm is nothing more than watering, fertilizing, sun, sunshine may not be controlled, but at least watering and fertilizing in your hands.

1, fertilization

The white palm is growing rapidly, with a large fertilizer, you can apply a rusted liquid fertilizer every month, if the show, the solid fertilizer, remember to pick up a clear water next day. In the selection of fertilizers, it is fertilized and fertilizable.

In the fertilization process, the white palm is to promote the absorption of fertilizers, which is beneficial to the growth of the white palm. In addition, please pay attention, don’t sprinkle the fertilizer to the blade so as not to sit on the blade.

Summer high temperature and low temperature in winter, the white palm is growing slowly, and it stops fertilization.

2, watering

Water in different seasons is slightly different. Summer or arid season, often spray the blade and the ground, increase the air humidity, and ensure that the leaves are delicious.

In the autumn and winter season, it is easy to reduce the watering, low temperature and humid environment. In order to avoid the low temperature, the white palm is frozen, pay attention to cold, keep the pot soil is slightly wet.

3, potting soil replacement

Every 1 to 2 years, the white palm needs to change the pot, and the root of the plant is trifted when it is changed. Cut the root of the old root and too long, remove some of the old soil, replace the new land, which is conducive to the blossom of the palm.

In addition, when the pot is changed, according to the size of the plants, the white palm is changed in two pots.

Third, the maintenance method of hydroponic

1, container selection

Want to make a white palm, first you have a larger container, the size of the medium fish tank, wide caliber, root and blades have sufficient growth space.

2, light and temperature

The temperature of the hydrophent palm is generally 10 ~ 30 ° C, the water temperature is about 15 to 20 ° C, and sometimes it is equal to room temperature and cannot be different.

Hydropower white patrol is dominated by scattering light, not necessarily to come directly to the sun. Especially in summer, avoid long-term sunlight, so as to avoid too high water temperature, affect growth.

3, change water and wash

Change the water at around 7 days in the summer, the water is 10 ~ 15 days in winter, and the water culture nutrients less than that of the water can be added to the water.

Hydroponic plants are easily long moss on the wall of the glass bottle, so every time you change water, you should clean your bottle wall. For the root, it is also handled, washes the mucus of the root, and cut it to the old root.

4, moisturizing and fertilization

Although the water culture white palm is sufficient root, the blade is easily dry. It is necessary to spray the blades frequently with water, can spray a foliar fertilizer weekly, which is increasing nutrients in the blade, and has increased the gloss of the leaves, and it can also resist low temperature in winter.

Fourth, breeding method

The reproduction of the white palm can be seeded and divided, but the family is commonly used!

1, time

The cutting time of the white palm has no strict requirements, as long as it avoids high temperature and low temperature weather, the spring and autumn seasons can be carried out. Most of them are used to combining the basin in the year of 3 to May.

2, method

Choose white plants that grow for more than two years, pelletize the plants before early spring, remove the soil of the roots, and repair the roots of the roots.

After the plant is pulsed, according to the size of the plants, it divides it into N bus, 3 to 4 blades per shell, pay attention to not hurt the root. Planted in the half-sham in a period of time.

3, precautions

In the early spring, check the bottom of the white palm plant, whether there is a sprout germination, if the new buds are more, the plants are best!

After the plant, change a big flower pot, which is conducive to the recovery of the root system, and the growth will be more thriving. After the plant, you should often loose soil, to ensure that the potteoil is loose, as long as the temperature is suitable, you can grow very well!

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