Hu Zhizi’s breeding method and precautions

Temperature requirements

Its cold resistance ability is very strong. There is no problem with the ultra -low temperature of minus 30 degrees in winter, but it cannot be covered by ice and snow. When the growth of the following year, the temperature must be maintained above 5 degrees. Generally, the growth of the north will be resumed after May, and the growth can be resumed after April in other regions.

Soil requirements

Its roots are very developed and can adapt to different soils, so it has no high requirements for the soil. It can even repair the soil. Planting a dealer for more than 3 years will increase its yield.

Light requirements

There is no problem in the outdoor exposure. It has a strong resistance and does not have sunlight, but if it is cultivated indoors for a long time, do not move directly to the outdoor breeding. The same is true of plants.

Water requirements

The surface of the soil can be watered at completely, but do not have accumulated water. If it is cultivated outside, it should be drained on a rainy day.

Fertilizer requirements

Its fertilizers have no big needs. It can apply some fertilizer when planting seedlings. If the nutrients contained in the soil are sufficient, the entire breeding process does not need to be fertilized.

Removing weeds

From planting, it is necessary to remove weeds often, and excessive weeds will affect its normal growth.

Maintenance after planting

When the seedlings were planted, in order to make the future plant’s frequent rise and rough, the seedlings that were too weak can be removed, leaving a strong rally.