Is aloe vera flowing?


Aloe vera can be blooming, but it is very rare, it will flow in the case of warm, humidity and rays.

Aloe veranda will also be divided into varieties, and some varieties will not bloom. Aloe vera growing in the tropics, flowers around May. The height of the flower branch is 30 to 40 cm, and occasionally more than 1 meter. However, aloe vera growing in temperate, often is not easy to bloom, and the flowering time is not sure, and the flowers are short, the flowers are small.

Is it a poison?

Everyone seeing fresh and beautiful plants are in the protection of self, they will hold a suspicious attitude. For example, aloe is a bright flowers, such aloe will not use toxicity?

The answer is of course wo, aloe is inextricably non-toxic plants, even if it comes to flowers, there is no poison. Will not be like potatoes, toxic substances.

What does the flowering represent?

Some people say that aloe vera is a rare flowering, aloe flowering means lucky; also says that farmers will flow for more than three years, this is natural phenomenon, there is nothing special; some people say that aloe flowering means aging, if aloe vera Blossom, explanation is going to die! But Xiao Edo said, what is the flowering of aloe vera, to see what you think, the letter is, do not believe it.

However, Xiaobian is more willing to believe in this: Aloe blossom is Fu Zha, representing this people’s best wishes, ancient poems said: “Shallow and thin mirrors frequently, the mirror, the vera, the flowers, the flowers,” sinister Self-love, not interfered. “

How to raise to bloom

Flowering conditions

Select a variety: usually, wood is 3 ~ 4 years flowers, Curatura 3 years, soapy aloe vera for 1 year. These three are currently in the case of a variety of varieties of flowering.

Sunlight: During the growth of aloe vera growth, be sure to have good sun irradiation, especially in summer, full sunshine, can make aloe vera rapidly grow. When the stem is 2.2 cm or more, when the strain is 40 cm, it is possible to flow.

Fertilization: Flowering needs adequate nutrient support, fertilization, proper supplementation of phosphate fertilizer.

Method of flowering in advance

Take the wooden aloe vera as an example: in early September, it will cultivate the two-year aloe vera below the central part of the stem. After drying it in a cool place, insert it in the soil, you can root root from 40 to 50 days. Dial with your hand, you can’t pull it.

Be careful before the cutting root, it cannot be watering, normally maintained after rooting, and 50 ~ 60 small flowers will be opened in the second year.

Bloom picture

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