Vera variety and pictures

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Curatura Vera

Appearance feature

Carraso Aloe is also known as Dafa Vera, also called Cui Ye Aloe. The stem is short, and the leaves are born in the top of the stem. The leaf is helical, the first end is fine, and the base is wide. The leaves have a white spot, which is powdered green. The white spot of the leaf growth will gradually disappear, and the inflorescence is evacuated.


Carraso is the most common, and it is also the most familiar aloe vera, and the medicinal value of Curaso aloe is very high. It can be eaten or used to use it.

Surgee vera

Appearance feature

The vera is a variety of variations that have been cultivated from the Aloe vera. The leaves of the farmers, the leaves of the vera, the leaves of the leaves, the leaves, and there is no common bitterness of aloe vera. It is fast to grow and protect. However, the bobility is weak under the basin carrier, the main branches are not branched.


Have clear heat, detoxification. There is a unique efficacy in anti-cancer, beauty, etc..

Wooden aloe vera

Appearance feature

The wooden aloe vera stem is 1 to 2 meters, the shape is like a tree, there is a lateral bud on the stem, and the orange flowers will be opened in autumn and winter, and the flowers will be opened from the leaves.


It can be used as medical, beauty, etc.

Chinese aloe

Appearance feature

Don’t be called Chinese aloe vera, oil onion, dragon corner streetred aloe vera, icon lotus, rustic grass, Robs, etc. It is also a variant of the Carraso aloe. The edge has a stabbous small tooth, flower yellow green, red spot, flowers during the summer and autumn season.


It can remove formaldehyde pollution in the room, which is extremely high, and it can also be used as a beauty, it has also achieved a lot of achievements.


Morphological characteristics

Soap-like aloe leaves are larger than wooden vera, compared to wooden aloe vera, high cold resistance, and developed Pradesh. Statue can be used in breeding new plants.


It can be used as a beauty and indoor ornamental plants.

Night city aloe

Appearance feature

It is a perennial meat herb, the meverryl green, the seedlings are aligned, and the adult is a rotational mutual. The blade is thick, the veneer, the leaves have pale yellow serrated meat, the leaves and leaves have pale yellow meat. Flowers orange red. Winter and early spring season.


No night city aloe vera has a certain medicinal value, but mainly ornamental value is main.

Cape Vu

Appearance feature

Also known as the good aloe vera, large varieties, and height of 6 meters. The leaves are big and hard, with sharp thorn, no side. Seed breeding is main.


There is a very high medicinal value, the raw materials of Chinese medicine new aloe dry blocks, and all countries are included in the pharmacopoeia. It has been confirmed that the gel of the open aloe vera is 20 times higher than the rezeoric liquid, which is more than 20 times, is expected to extract.

Assorted aloe

It is also known as the green palm, which is a bacon plant in the Lily, don’t call the Qianlian Tianjin, Wooden Aloe Vera.

Yuanjiang Aloe

The leaves are pointed, the leaves are shallow, and the leaves are thin. Anti-pathological ability is general. But it has better ornamental.

Pearl vera

Shape form

Pearl aloe is called a quarterly aloe vera, but it is a beautiful vera, German pineapple. It belongs to small species, which is generally 10 cm or less, and the tip is long. Leaf flat, dense, leaf tip. There is a white point in the foliar. Leaves have a thorn, summer open orange yellow flowers.


The viewing value is extremely valued, and the vapor adhesive juice contained in the blade is rich, and it is a skin care product.

Longshan Aloe

Longshan aloe plant is short, the leaves are triangular petals. The leaves are bent, the leaves are thick, the color is light, and the spot. Leaves thorn, early summer drinting.

Other kind of ornamental aloe vera

Emperor, ghosts, seven treasures, Daxie Jin, fluid, Emerald Temple, fine stem aloe vera, Tower Yingjin, Dongmine, Chi Long Tianjin, Coconut Vera, etc.

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