Is gardenia not easy to raise?That’s the four tricks you haven’t tried

Soil should be appropriate

Gardenia is a plant growing in the south. When it comes to the north, it is necessary to regulate the pH of the soil.The soil alkali in the north is still very high. You can add some acidic fertilizers to change the acid and alkali.

Make water

When watering the gardenia, it cannot be poured too much, but it must be kept moist in the soil, but it cannot accumulate water, nor can the soil plate be knotted to ensure the smoothness of the root breathing.Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a degree when watering.

Sufficient light

Gardenia needs a lot of sunlight. In fact, as long as it is not a very hot sun, you can put gardenia flowers under the sun and let it dry the sun.

Properly trim the leaves

When breeding gardenia, it is necessary to properly trim the leaves.In fact, sometimes it is not necessary to wait until the gardenia flower is about to die before it is trimmed. If it is properly trimmed, some new buds can be germinated to make it better.

Pay attention to the three or four trunks, and the remaining branches can be cut off.

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