Is the Yuyi Gan Blue Blossom?

Is the Yuyi Gan Blue Blossom?

Yuyi cabbage will bloom. Yuyi cabbage is a two -year -old herbaceous plant. Generally, after the first year of cultivation, after the low temperature in winter, the spring of the second year will bloom.The time of Yuyi Gan Blue flowers concentrated in April -May, and it will be strong after flowering.

Yuyi Cabbage Flower language and symbolic meaning

Yuyi’s cabbage is gorgeous, Yuyi Ganlan has rich colors, red, purple, green, pink, etc., as well as changeable leaves, just like the beauty of beautiful women, so its flower language is gorgeous.

In addition, Yuyi cabbage also symbolizes interests, blessings and auspiciousness.

Yuyi Gan Blue Blossom Appreciation