Jasmine’s flowering law

Jasmine’s flowering law

The flowering period of jasmine is relatively long. At the time of April, it was its initial flowering period. At this time, the flowers were not large, and it was generally a small amount of scattered flowering.

From June -August is its prosperity period. At this time, it is very strong when blooming, with a lot of flowers. After the flowering period, after trimming, the flowers can also grow out and bloom again.

From September to October, the last flower period of the jasmine is still the same.

Jasmine’s flowers bloom

During the flowering period of jasmine, there are generally two different laws.

The first is the concentration of flowers when blooming, showing a large number of flower buds, and then a large number of flower buds, these flower buds will be open concentrated. After some trimming after flowers, new flower buds can be grown. After the flowers, the flower is trimmed, and the flower buds are blooming. In this way, the entire flowering period of jasmine can be blossomed several times.

The second is that the flowering period is relatively long, but the amount of flowers is obviously small when blooming. Only a small amount of flowers bloom, and at this time, the growth of the branches is different. The obvious benefit is that the flowering period can last for a long time.

Jasmine’s flowering period trimming

Because the flowering rules of flowering are different, the pruning method is also different.

If it is a large number of flowers, you can trim the branches and leaves together after blooming. If it is not concentrated when blooming, you can cut off a branch when trimming.

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