Ji Qiuli’s family breeding method

Soil requirements

Ji Qiuli, like other succulents, likes good drainage and transparent sandy soil.So that excess water can be sufficiently volatilized and promote its roots.

We can use pine needle soil, rot leaf soil, sand soil and other proportion.

Light requirements

The more light the light, the greater the temperature difference between day and night, the color of Ji Qiuli’s leaves will become pink.When the light is insufficient, Ji Qiuli’s leaves will appear gray -green, dim and lustrous.

Temperature requirements

Ji Qiuli grows faster in the spring and autumn seasons.Below 5 ° C and above 35 ° C, Ji Qiuli will make emergency measures, stop growing, and enter a dormant state.

Water requirements

Ji Qiuli is hypertrophy, and the interior contains high water. Therefore, it should not be watered too much to prevent the emergence of rotten roots.

Under normal growth state, pour water once every 10 days and pour through.