June snow farming method and precautions

Farming method


In June, the snow is afraid of glare, so daily maintenance needs to be shade, placed in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, can absorb scattered light.


Keep the pelvic moisture throughout the year.

Summer is dry, in addition to watering the water every day, it is also necessary to spray the leaves with water, or spray the nearby ground, maintain the relative humidity of the air.

The temperature in autumn declines, and it should be gradually controlled, and water is poured once 2 days to 3 days.

Winter is 20 days to 10 days in winter.


Every 10-15 days of growth season, can also be squeezed with water, which is performed, ie at a time to water.


In June, the warm climate, slightly cold-resistant, winter temperature is relatively low, need to be transferred to indoor cultivation, indoor temperature can not be less than 0 ° C, and if the snow is frozen, it is very easy to die.


In June, the requirements for soils are not strict, and the best growing in soils of loose, water-watering and good exhaustive.


Frequent top dressing

In addition to normal fertilization, it is necessary to conduct root challenges, the growth season can be topdd 3 times to 4 times, spray the blades with 1% phosphate solution solution to regulate the acid and alkalinity and increase the plant nutrients.

Summer avoiding exposure

Summer plants should be placed in a cool place, can be used in a small-eyed shadow, which can maintain ventilation and absorbing light.

Pay attention to ventilation in summer

In the summer, it is placed in indoor maintenance, and it is necessary to increase the air volume, otherwise the branches are long, the leaves are yellow, and the lower leaves will fall off.

Spring needs

March, in June, the snow can be transferred to outdoor, and it is necessary to use the humid soil to make the basin with the bottom of the pot.

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