Posage and maintenance of June snow


In June, the snow moving can be carried out for a year, but the spring is three and April.


The potted soil is preferably riculous, loose, breathable, and good drainous soil. It can generally be prepared with 4 decomposed cow dung, 1 comprat cake fertilizer, 4 gardens, and 1 coal ash.

The potted plants are preferably loous or dry leaves, sick leaves, good growth, plants of strain-type, and disease-free.


After transplanting into the basin, it should be placed in a half yin and returned to normal maintenance after a week.

In the summer, high temperature dry season, the morning and evening should be sprayed to the leaves, increase the air humidity, and grow flowers in peace, while avoiding direct sunlight, it is best to let June snow absorb scattered light.

Pay attention to insulation in winter, in the winter, in winter, in winter, you can safely go to the winter.

Put 1% of the ate with 1% eaten vinegar every half a month to avoid alkalization and plant yellowing.

In the growth season of June snow, a thin liquid fertilizer is applied every 10 days.

Because the growth capacity of June snow is relatively strong, often from the root germination, so often trim, maintain aesthetics.


After just transplanting, watering should be used to keep the water temperature.

In June, the snow drought, but it is not resistant, so watering should follow the principle of seeing dry and wet, not doing, and the rainy season prevents water in the basin.

In addition to soil fertilization, it is necessary to perform root chasing, spray blades with 1% phosphate dihydrate solution to regulate the acid and alkalinity and increase plant nutrients.

In early spring, you should transfer June snow from the room to the room, you need short-cut and picking, keep the plants.

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