Lazy people must know the knowledge

Huang Li’s purchase essentials

Select the plants and stems, the leaves are thick, the leaves are hypertrophic, the arrangement is tight, the top has a lotus, the top is full, the leaves are full, the wax wax is yellow green or golden yellow, the edge of the leaves is flush, no Grind spots and worm spots.

It is recommended to go to the flower market to buy, pick it up!

Lazy Huangli Unrecorded Conditioning Law


Watering in the grown season, watering once a month in winter. Keep slightly dry when high temperatures in summer.


Fertilizes once a month, pay attention to fat, do not exposure to fat leaves.


Timely reduced the dead branches, old branches, and the plants can be placed by trifling top branches.

Pest harm

Anthracnose and white bricks were often occurred, sprayed with 50% Tobin wettable powder 500 times. The insects have a mesenchy chopper, and the 25% imine sulfur extract is 1000 times liquid.


The cuttings can be carried out throughout the year, and it is good in spring and autumn. Cut the top branch, 5-7 cm long, then drunk, insert the sand bed, 3-4 weeks after plugging, or the leaves can be propagated. Plant breeding is carried out when chasing the pot.

In this way, the Huangli will definitely die.

Potted water

Huang Li is wet, and the watering will lead to the purity of the pot, causing plant rot to death. Therefore, it should be dried or dried after the basin soil, and the plant page should not spray water; keep the potted soil in the summer, avoid exposure, and winter should also reduce watering.

Long-term drying

Huang Liji light, easy to use, the blade is long, the leaves are long, the impellation is not yellow, the color is not yellow, and the state is a long state, and it is even easily died when it is serious. Therefore, in the growth period of the spring and autumn, Huang Li is on the outdoor, all-day photos, keep the light, the summer is properly shade, the winter temperature is below 5 ° C to move into the indoor winter, try to choose the sun.

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