What is vermiculite

Brief introduction

Vermiculite is a mineral that expands at high temperatures. It belongs to silicate. Vaculite is scratching when heating and losing water, which is very similar to the shape of the leech, so it is called vermiculite.


Vermiculite is layered silicate minerals, rich in magnesium and iron.The shape of the vermiculite ore looks like Yunmu, which is mainly made of black (gold) cloud mother through the action or weathering through the thermal liquid erosion.



First, vermiculite can be used as soil improvement agents, and its ion exchange capacity can effectively improve the soil structure;

The second is the strong water retention and water conducting power of vermiculite, which can improve the breathability and water retention of the soil, neutralized acid soil, which is conducive to the root growth of the plant;

Third, vermiculite can play a buffer effect, so that the fertilizers are slowly released in the medium;

Fourth, vermiculite can also provide the crops with its own magnesium iron and other elements.


Elite is easy to break, and it is easy to make the medium too dense and lose ventilation and water retention.

Applied plant

Vermiculite can be used in flowers, vegetables, fruits, and seedlings. In addition to potted soil and regulator, it can also be used for soilless cultivation.

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