Method of Spear breeding

Method of Spear breeding


The adaptability to the soil is very adaptable and can grow in neutral, acidic, and lime soil.


The guard spear is more resistant to drought, keep the soil moist, do not dry or poured, and somewhere is better than humidity. Plants should be properly watered during the growing period of spring and summer, which is conducive to the flowering and results of the plant; watering in autumn should be reduced, and the soil should be slightly dry; during the dormant during the winter, pouring every five to seven days every five to seven days. water.


Wendou has greater demand for fertilizer. In the growth period of the plant, cake fertilizer water can be applied every two weeks. It is mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. When there is too much nitrogen fertilizer, it will appear too long. Add rotten cake fertilizer to the soil as base fertilizer.


Wei spear likes to grow in places with light, and can put plants in places with sufficient sunlight and air circulation. Proper shades should be performed in high temperature summer to prevent the plants from being exposed to the sun.


When the Spear grows new branches and leaves in spring, it should be appropriately cut to make the crown dense and not scattered; plastic and trimming in the fall of the plant in the fall to keep the tree shape.

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