Nourish the key points of the gold medal

Gold As buys soil choice

Require loose, fertility, acid and alkalinity neutral or microalic acid, rich in organism, can be stored in the market, can also be formulated: 1 saline soil, 2 rut or peat soil, 1 sieve powder, thick 4 parts of sand; 2 coarse sand, 3 garden soil, 2 oxyte the soil, 1 stone gray, 1 broken brick, and 1 piece of tiles, which add less phosphate, charcoal particles or bone powder.

Gold Ash Complex Pot Choice

Best in the breathable mud pot, the pottery, porcelain basin, etc. The basin of size visual gold is set, the gap between the sphere and the basin wall is 3 to 4 cm. The sphere is large and the gap can be appropriate.

Gold Asning Method

The best time has ended in its hibernation, and has not yet started growing. Secondly, the summer sleep period. Specific operation: pelvic floor cover tile or crushed dish, filled in 1/4 ~ 1/3 silent tile, brick stone, deceased, etc., then fill in 1/4 ~ 1/3 cultured soil. She cuts gold in the central center, covering the golden bouly neck in the pot, shakes the bodies, so that the soil is in contact with the root, and the mud is pressed, and then the lamination of a coarse stone, resist Watering scouring. Don’t need to water, put it in the room until it grows after it grows.

Gold Amber Temperature Requirements

Temperature plays an important role in the growth cycle of ambush. Winter is ambiguous. April Jinu woke up and started growing. 5. In June, the temperature reached the growth temperature of 25 ~ 30 ° C, Jinhu entered the growth period. The temperature in 7 to 8 months exceeds 35 ° C, and the gold aunt enters the sleep. When the temperature in September drops to 30 ° C, the Jinhu woke up again and began to grow. Autumn is well managed, and its growth rate may exceed spring. In the middle of November, the temperature decreased, and the golden buys dormed sleep. At this point, the Jinhu annual growth will report a paragraph.

Gold As buys

Cultivation Gold Amboot is tryable to meet its demand for sunshine, in addition to winter maintenance, spring, summer, autumn must put in the sun all day. If the Jinhu will be placed in the chamber, it will affect its body color and long thorn, spherical malformation, and lose ornamental value. Jinhu is in the windows in the windowsill, there is a sunshine, put a bowl for a while, so that the sphere is evenly light. Be properly shade when he is expounded in the summer forest. The author’s approach is to set the upper half of the gold aunt. It is used to protect the ball. Place. When the summer is high, the large plastic bag is removed to avoid the spheroidal rotation of the ball. After the bag is in a ventilated environment, the sphere grows well.

Gold Ash Watering Requirements

Although Jinhu is drought to drought, it is not required to be water. Some golden anloy is always not worthy, even shrunk, and is related to long-time no water. Jinhu In spring, the autumn growth period should be given sufficient moisture, winter, summer sleep during water. In the early days of the growth of 4 or 5 days or 1 week, water should be watered from the basin along with 9, 10 o’clock in the morning or 4, 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The tap water is preferably placed after 2 days. From late from late April to June, the amount of water in the water is increased, water is watered, and once every time, it is necessary to cast. Beware of the pelvic soil when Mei Yu, causing rotten roots. In the 7th, April Jinhu entered the summer sleep, and the water was placed. In late September to Golden in October, it entered the growth period, and water was poured once 3 or 4 days. November Jinhu growth tends to be stagnant, watering can be 10 days. In December, Jinhu entered the sleep, not watering, to enhance its cold resistance.

Gold Ash fertilization requirements

In spring, you should work hard, 1 week. 5, June 4, 5 days once, the concentration can be slightly higher. It is not fertilized when the summer is high. In the first week, I will apply once a week, and I can’t fertilize in November to Hunchun. Fertilizers are diluted with water after poultry, fish residue or fire, and the water is diluted with water, it should be carried out after 9 ~ 10m or 5 pm, and after fertilization, it will water.

Gold As buys ball

Time is planted in the pot, annual or once. Prepare the basins and new cultivating soils of the big one, take the ball from the old pots, remove some of the soil, and cut the part of the body, rotten root, etc., and dry the basin. Operation and planting. In addition, the sphere is too large, and some soil can be removed, and new cultivating soil can be added. After changing soil, it is compacted, and then it is stored on a layer of coarse but not necessary to water.

Gold As buys ball cold requirements

When the golden is cold, when the temperature dropped to about 5 ° C, the gold ambling can be moved into the chamber, keep the basin dry, and beware of cold air.

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