On the sea of Erhai, in the Moon Palace, she created a paradise with her heart

On the edge of Erhai Lake,

Build a delicate poetic house.

The flowers in the house are like brocade,

The blue sea outside the house.


Yang Liping,

A poet with dance writing life.

She was born in Dali,

Is a Bai girl.

Nearly 60 years old, there is no child under her knees,

But the life is envious of everyone.


Yiji Island in Dali, Yunnan,

Facing Erhai Lake, Cangshan is like a Dai.

Yang Liping is in this picturesque place,

A poetic house was built -the Moon Palace.

“I want such a small courtyard too”

When Lu Yu interviewed Yang Liping, he said envy.

Green tree, promenade, small garden,

Facing the balcony facing Erhai Lake,

The stone steps to the water,

Mobilize everywhere.



The house is built according to the water,

Green tree cover,

The structure is carefully designed,

Rightly fused with the surrounding beautiful scenery.


The transparent glass terrace stretches into the Erhai Lake,

Drink tea here, take a break,

Reflecting the blue blue,

Outside the house, there are thousands of miles,

The room was sparkling.


The interior Chen set up is not luxurious

But all decorations are carefully selected,

Coffee tables, tables and chairs, furnishings,

All reveals a strong national style,

Simple and quaint,

It’s also full of life.




Locate the floor -to -ceiling window of Erhai Lake,

Transparent like washing.

When the sun rises,

Scattered on the quilt, pillow,

Wake up every lazy morning.



The so -called time is quiet,


In the sunny days,

Prepare a simple breakfast in the kitchen.

The sun drill into the leaves and sprinkle it into the house.

The light and shadow swaying and shame are cute.

Then take a wooden barrel water from Erhai Lake,

Pick up and go up, return to the room

Clean the room,

Putting on the grass and grass,

Teasing the good bird …




When the twilight is gradual,

Put this day’s flowers and moods,

Step into the tea and taste it slowly.


Or take out the collection of red wine,

By the flowers, by the window,

Silent to enjoy the leisure time.

The world is noisy and noisy,

The time in the moon palace is silent.

Even if she is nearly 60,

But the years did not invade her at all.

She is still elegant, calm, and insulting.


Instead of enjoying life, Yang Liping,

It’s better to say she enjoyed time.

Accompanying flowers and birds,

In the way you like,

Live your favorite life,

It has nothing to do.

In this place with mountains and rivers,

With slow time,

When you have nothing to do,

A tea, a book,

Under the tree shade or in the pergola,

Send a leisurely afternoon.


Or take a pillow,

Several plates of fruits,

On the banks of Erhai River,

Bathing warm spring.

Or on the top of the building,

Overlooking Cangshan,

Look at the sky,

Yoyo extends to the distance.


When you are tired,

Back to the room,

Bathing by the floor -to -ceiling window in Erhai Lake,

Return to tranquility, keep your eyes closed,

Let your body and mind slowly empty.

at dusk,

The shade of the tree is swaying, the sunset is slightly oblique,

Sit down under the tree and play with the tea machine,

Ren time disappears.

When the sunset is slowly rolled from the sky,

Just get up and pour some water for flowers,

In the setting sun, her silhouette is extraordinarily gentle,

Incorporate the scroll of the mountain and the sea.


Flowers are the most temperament.

She carefully cares about the flowers and plants,

It is what she is working on life.

From a pot to a sea of ​​flowers,

One grass and wood she planted by her own hands,

They are full of affection.



The so -called Yiren, in the water side,

Yang Liping made the best interpretation.

Even if the years pass,

It still looks like before,

Like a peacock fairy,

Not contaminated by miscellaneous.

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