How much do you remember when you played a flower when you were a kid?

1 dog tail grass

When I was a child, electronic equipment was not so flooded as now. In addition to having trouble for adults, more toys are actually wild flowers and plants. Among them, the dog tail grass is definitely the big head!

Children’s creativity is simply absolutely endless. It can be turned into various small animals such as little rabbits, puppies and other small animals!

2 nail flower

The reason why nail flowers are loved by children is that it can dye nails. Flowers remember clearly. The friends will gather together to collect nails of different colors, but every time you go home, you will be associated with your mother. Then wash off the color I dyed carefully

3 sunflower

When I was a kid, I did n’t have much interest in the sunflower around the sun. A group of bear children ran to others to remove the sunflowers by half. As for the result …

4 string red

I remember that in the village, the string of red is to grab. In order to eat the nectar inside, when the flowers can be grabbed, there is no one!

5 dandelion

Dandelion is also to grab. There are still a bunch of next to them. They have to grab me. It is desperate …

6 Sunflower

I do n’t know if everyone still has an impression. Huahua still remembers that when they were young, in the countryside, the sun flowers were almost everywhere. Of course, most of them were in front of the door. But it is true. Now there are 1 pot of flowers on the balcony of Huahua, and I do n’t worry about it.

7 7 葎 葎

There are more names of this kind of plant, such as Lecao, Cutcato, Sawci Teng, Pulling Dog Eggs, Rale Manzi, and so on.

It should be the most common weeds we have outside. It is available throughout the country, but when I was young, I just remember that every time I met it, we were scratched by qaq.

8 籴 籴 籴

It was very common in the river when I was a kid! I can eat it, sweet, but I haven’t seen it much now.

9 tropic melon

Hey, this thing has been tasted when I was a kid, it was not bad, I just don’t know if you have eaten it?

10 watercuries

This weed flower is no stranger. You know, when you were a kid, he would always be caught in the ground to pull weeds. Among them, the most landed land was the one.

And when I was young, I couldn’t recognize the difference between the grass and the wheat, and I accidentally pulled the wrong.

11 Bowls

The bowl of flowers looks about the same as the glory, but the leaves are completely different. Its leaves are slender and slender, and the leaves of the glory are palm -shaped.

Glory (see the leaves! Different!)


This flower looks familiar, it feels like it is not completely blooming. Every time the flowers have to be cheap to remove it!

13 Canger

When Huahua was young, I did n’t know that this thing was called Cangleng. At that time, everyone was called Lai Hook, because once you stick to your clothes, you ca n’t get it. You can only pick it down one by one. The sense of weakness when it was Cangle …

14 Purple Flower Ding Ding

When this flower was young, Huahua never knew what was called, but I often saw it in the field. Later, I learned that it is called Zihua Ding Ding. It seems to dedicate everything to purple, and other colors of flowers have not even seen it.

It can also be regarded as a kind of spontaneous plants, and the seeds are long!

15 ramie

Huahua is very impressed with the special shape of Lai Mai! You played when you were young?

16 rotation flowers

When she was a kid, Huahua always mixed it with bitter vegetables, but now it can be clearly divided. The rotation flower is like a large disk, but the bitter vegetables are relatively small, and it is still thorn.

Bitter vegetable

17 Cassia

In the previous impression of Huahua, Cassia was the name of Chinese medicine, and never realized that the flowers around him were actually Cassia!

18 Xi

Huahua was impressed by the urtica. Without him, he didn’t obediently touch it when he was a child.


Looking at the name, it must be that this is what this is, but after looking at the picture, you will definitely feel that you realize it, it turns out it! The fields are everywhere.

20 motherwort

I used to listen to Motherwort and felt very tall, and I was still a Chinese medicine. Later, I discovered that wasn’t that grass that was often pulled out!


After knowing that this kind of grass was actually the grass in front of the car, Huahua couldn’t help but widened her eyes. There was no way. The weeds around him turned into Chinese medicine instantly, and individuals would be surprised!

22 Dog Gen

Weeds in the fields, cattle and sheep like to eat very much, and are often caught by Zhuang Ding to dig grass. I just didn’t know what the name was when I was a kid.

After the field grows up, you have to get rid of this stuff, otherwise it will grow into a large piece!

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