Common dwarf varieties

Mermaid series

This series is about 15-20 cm high, the flowers are single-flap, and the diameter is about 6-8 cm, the color has a variety of colors such as pink, purple, beige, from sowing to flowering for about 120 days.

Florida series

Plant is 20-25 cm, which can resist high temperature, can endure the environment above 30 ° C, it is not easy to have a cluster phenomenon. It is the best cultivation variety in high temperature regions. It is very sensitive to plant growth regulators. The common colors have blue, pink Color, silver white, sky blue.

Lisa series

Dwarf varieties, strains height 15-20 cm, compact, flower, cold tone cup flowers, with gray green blade, cultivated under short sunshine, the cultivation performance is excellent, anti-cluster performance is slightly in Florida Series, but is bracing, common colors with blue, lavender, pink, white.

Sapphire series

The plant is 15-20 cm, the branches are very branched, so there are many flowers, and the growth trend is good under low light, suitable for cultivation in the flower pot, no need to take the heart or administration of plant growth regulators to maintain its beauty, neat strain Type, color color with blue, blue pieces, heavy petals white, moderate blue, pink lace and white.

Other varieties

Eddy series

The plant is about 50-60 cm, the early flower species, the flower diameter is around 8 cm, the color is dark blue, powder, rose red, yellow, white, blue and two-color, etc.

Red mirror

The plant is about 30-35 cm high, and this variety is very suitable for the breeding, the flowers are dark red, and the most red flowers in the octolatear.


The strain is 45-60 cm, which is about 7 cm, and the color is more complicated.


The plant is 55 cm, the flowers are heavy, the flowers are around 8-9 cm, the color has blue, powder white, two-color, and the like.


Plant is 50-80 cm, there will be different heights in different seasons, with a diameter of about 7-8 cm, and the color is more complicated.

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