Ping An tree breeding method and precautions

Farming method


In fact, the farming in the family is not very involved in the choice of the basin, but you need to know what kind of potting soil is suitable for the growth of the safe tree. It will not be deceived by the merchant when buying.

The soil is best to choose tooth fertility, good drainage is rich in acidic soil, which can be pinched into soil, more granules, and relatively loose. There are many soils in the soil, and the water is watered for a long time. It is easy to cause the soil knot and cannot be chosen.

There is no much demand in the flower pot. According to the size of the plants, the growth of the peace tree can be satisfied. As for the material, do not select a lightweight plastic basin, it is easy to explode.

Sunshine requirements

Any plants need sunshine for photosynthesis to ensure rapid growth. The peace tree serves as a raw plant, and the blade will exude metal luster in a sunshine. But it is also very afraid of exposure, and in the summer, it is timely, or placed in a position in the indoor sun.

Plants with different growth times are different to light requirements. Growing 3 ~ 5 years, proper sunshine, avoid exposure. 6 to 10 years, avoid exposure, more sun. That is to say, the more the aging, the more the sun is needed.

How to water

In the spring and autumn, the growth period is a growth period, and it is moderately holding the pelvic moist, often spraying the leaves to ensure sufficient air humidity. Winter water is halved.

In addition, in the watering process, a small amount of ferrous sulfate solution can be added to the water, in particular the northern region, adjust the soil acid and alkaline.

Fertilization common sense

Ping An tree is more fertilizable, the growth season is a complex fertilizer every month, and the autumn weather is turned over, and the potassium fertilizer is applied, and the cold trees are increased. Stop fertilization during the winter temperature angle.

In the process of fertilization, if the phenomenon of the leaves of the leaves fall, it is because improper fertilization, leading to the root necrosis. Water or deprive the plants and emergency treatment.


The safe tree branches are too dense, and they can be branched at sunny in April. It is recommended to cut too long branches, sick, thin branches, increase the light transmittance of the plants. At the time of trim, you need to pay attention to the scissors to retain a certain distance to avoid the branches of the branches.

When the plant is small, you can pick your heart and promote multiple branches.

Pine and the pot

Ping An tree usually uses large pots, the plant is large (except small bonsai), it is recommended to make soil every month to ensure that the potting soil is in a constant state. At the time of loose soil, when the tool is turned, it doesn’t break the root system.

The pine tree of the small plant changed a basin one year, and the large strain of the safe tree for 2 ~ 3 years, changed the 1/3 of the old earth, cut off the root of necrosis, and guarantee that the peace tree grows normally.

Pingye tree breeding method

Cutting time

The cutting time of Ping An Tree is generally in the first half of the year, from January to October in the second half, the temperature is in the best in 22-28 ° C.

Cutting method

Preparation materials: Prepare the cutting flower pots, soil can choose pure meter, root faster. Soils were disinfected before cutting.

Branch selection: You can cut the peace tree healthy branches, it is best to cut it when there is a dew or cloudy day in the morning. The branches remain 10 to 15 cm, 2 to 3 sheets. Or combined with trim, cut cut with a cut.

Cutting method: soak the bottom of the branches in the rooting agent for 2 to 3 hours, then insert it directly into the soil. After 4 days, it is watering, guaranteed enough humidity, and can supplement the illumination in the morning and evening, and rooted around 25 days. After 1 ~ 2 months, the root can be planted in the basin to 5 ~ 6 cm.

Four seasons maintenance method


Out of the room: Before and after the Ching Ming Festival, the peace tree was moved to outdoor breeding. At the end of the spring, the appropriate shade is properly shade, keep the pot soil moist and not accumulated.

Anti-disease: From indoor to outdoor process, the Ping An tree is likely to have an uncomfortable reaction due to changes in the environment, and all kinds of pests and diseases are treated, and the long spray is spray every half a month. A Bordeaux is prevention and found that the case is taken in time.


Yin: The primary job in the summer is to cover up, bright scattered light. If there is no condition to be placed outdoor maintenance, it can be placed in an air-conditioned room, but it is necessary to move to the outdoor recovery maintenance every month, gradually increase the light.

Water spray: Summer temperature, when the temperature exceeds 32 ° C, often sprayed to the leaves, cleans the blades and guarantee a certain humidity, and the long-term maintenance.

Insect: the high-incidence of peaceful pests in the summer, a curl insect occurs on the blade, and it is sprayed in a timely manner.


Water control: After the temperature drops, it is necessary to reduce watering, but can spray water around the environment. It can be raised appropriately, but it is necessary to ensure that the basin is not accumulated.

Topping: When the temperature drops to 15 ° C, it is necessary to continuously apply 0.2% to 0.3% of the dihydrogen phosphate solution, enhance the cold resistance of the plants to ensure the safety of the winter.


Insulation: The strain of the safe tree is not cold (large strain is slightly cold), and it needs to be in time, the wintering temperature is not less than 5 ° C.

Control: Water should be controlled in winter, keep the soil in a dry state, and the indoor temperature can be poured once a month. Stop any form of fertilization to avoid injury.



At outdoor breeding, the right rain can promote growth. However, it is more than too late to check whether the basin soil is water, and drain it in time, and carry out loose soil.


Peaceful tree branches, during growth, the blade is easy to have yellow, dry phenomenon, and spray the agent in time to avoid the condition. In addition, it should be noted that the yellow leaves may also be rotten, and when the spray is not changed, check the root to the root to do corresponding treatment.

Some questions for common problems

1. Why is the Ping An tree not grow?

Crazy Y epilepsy __ct’s question: Help me see what my peace tree is going, buy it for more than two months, I don’t see the long leaves?

Xiaobian’s answer

Month, adapt to a month, just caught up with the current temperature is not the best temperature of growth. Will be crazy after autumn, don’t be anxious!

2. Is the leaves still saved?

Question on the moon dance: My family’s peace tree is like this, is there a saving? ?

Xiaobian’s answer

Of course, first cut the yellow leaves. Secondly, find a yellow-yellowing reason, insects, watery, improper fertilization, exposure, environmental fever, etc., analyze one by one, make corresponding treatment. If you don’t know what specific reasons, see here, there is a detailed reason for the yellow leaves and the solution!

3. Is the safe tree for two years?

Charm _ Changle’s question: Ping An tree bought two years ago, put it on the window, sunshine, but that is not long, the store is not too tailoring, this is still driving now? But I don’t see the long leaf!

Xiaobian’s answer

When you make a fortune tree, the water and the sun are sufficient to grow fast. This peace tree sunshine should be no problem, but the obvious water is insufficient. The environment is more open, you can spray water every day, ensure that the leaves are tidy; 10 to 15 days are poured once, except for winter; pour a small sulfate solution in the soil every month. Soon the gloss of the blade will come up, the leaves will grow slowly.

But now is summer, high temperature, and the growth rate of Ping An is slower, and there will be obvious changes in autumn.

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