When will hawthorn bloom and bear fruit

When will hawthorn bloom

If you want to find out, you need to bloom first, so when will hawthorn bloom?

The flowering period of hawthorn is from May to June. When blooming, the flowers are relatively small. Many small flowers gather together and cluster into a ball, like a big flower, which is very beautiful.

Hawthorn flowers have an umbrella -like inflorescence. The flowers are white and the smell is relatively unique. Because the flowers are small and very dense, it looks like a big flower. After the hawthorn blooms, the results will be real.

When is the result of hawthorn

Speaking of results, when is hawthorn result? The hawthorn will result in the flowering period, the flowering period is from May to June, and the result is later, about September -October.

In addition, what are the results of hawthorn?

Under normal circumstances, the grafted hawthorn saplings will only bear fruit after a long period of breeding, usually after 2-4 years. As the hawthorn tree grows, the age continues to increase, and the results of hawthorn will become more and more, which will increase year by year. Generally, the hawthorn tree will enter the fruit period.

The life span of hawthorn trees is very long, and the result can last for a long time. Generally, within 60-70 years, hawthorn trees can be fruitful, and some can even bear the result for hundreds of years.