Potted lilac breeding method and precaution

Lilac flower potted method

Selection of pots

The plants of the lilac flowers are relatively large, and the roots are more robust, and they should choose a deeper ceiling, square or round. The color of the basin is preferably light blue or light yellow, which is more matching with white, purple cloves.

Potting method

Choose a robust clove seedlings, planted on the basin in 2 to March. Trim the root before planting, reserved a little needed, planting is to ensure that the root is stretched, and the soil is true, and the soil is closely combined with the root. Then take the water.

Treatment of cloves


The adaptability of cloves is very strong, the maintenance method is relatively placed, and it is necessary to pay attention to weeding in time. If you do it, you can water, you can grow it normally. As for the frequency of watering, there is no strict requirement, and it is poured.


Lilac flowers like warm and moist, it is originally produced in the equatorial rainforest climate, with a certain cold resistance. The best growth temperature is 15 ~ 20 ° C, when the temperature is less than 3 ° C, the plants will freeze death.

Lilac Haunted likes sufficient sunshine, slightly well, so pay attention to place the plants in a sunshine.

Turn the pot

The lilac flowers have to change the basin every 2 to 3 years, and the plant is deprived, trifling roots, cutting the old root, replacing the new cultivating soil, promoting the growth of the new root.

Before the mid-March of March, it is necessary to trim, it will be pruning, thin, and the sick branches are cut off, and the branches of the medium growing. After the leaves, they can also make a whole branch, to protect the trees and aesthetic, facilitating the growth, flowering.

Diwa flower breeding precautions


Every year, 7, 9, October, to remove the weeds around the cloves, but don’t turn over with the hoe to hurt the fragrance, and pull the weeds directly by hand.


After planting 3 to 4 years, the lilac branch is aging, and it is necessary to carry the ground to the ground, it is cut from 30 cm from the ground. It will soon grow a strong branch after interception, so that the crown is full, the second year It can be found in a lush flower.

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