Potted raw flower breeding method and precaution

Flower breeding method


A high-rise, it can actually breed with seeds. Choose a mature full seed, soak it in warm water for 24 hours, then put it in the fine sand of 2 to 3 times, then put it in an environment of about 20 ° C. During the germination, often Fan Dong, to ensure the temperature of the seeds up and down. The seeds can be planted after germination. It should be noted that the root of the flowers is longer, you need to choose a large, deeper flower pot, and the sowing is preferably settled, rapid growth, and then transplantly transplantly planted.


When planting the plant length to 10 ~ 15 cm, it can be planted on the basin, select a deep pot, and ensure sunshine. For some thin seedlings, you can remove it directly.


Adequate nutrients helps the growth of the flowers, sprinkles a little grain fertilizer around the potted soil, then water, or directly irritate. The flower pot is smaller. After fertilization, it is necessary to water, so so soil. Fertilizers in the family usually choose to use beans, horseshoe, clay, fermentation after use.


The growth rate of the flowers of the flowers is moderate, and the growth of the top seed will promote branches in time. For some aging, the yellowed branches should be degenerated in time.

花 花 养 养 养

Timely weeding

Perhaps because there is a strong inclusion, many weeds are long around it. The potted plant is the same, it is recommended not to use a herbicide to have a certain impact on the growth of the flowers. Manual loose soil, weeding, and drag the grass.


Timely trimming helps to ensure the perfect tree of the flowers, there is a very important point, the potted flowers can be dwarfed, promote branches, so that each branch is full of flowers.

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