Quiet night breeding method and precautions

Daily maintenance points

Looking at the lovely succulent plant quiet night, compared to everyone’s feelings, I really want to plant a pot of quiet night at home, but I am worried that I will not take good care of it? Next, I will introduce the precautions for family maintenance!


The growth of the quiet night needs to keep the soil moist to avoid stagnant water. The other seasons are watered according to the dryness of the seasons. Watering more when the weather is dry, and the humid weather can be appropriately reduced to the number of watering.


You can take full sunlight. If the light is sufficient, the tip of the quiet night will appear exquisite and rosy, that is the best -looking succulent quiet night.


The water permeability is mainly based on the soil of mixing peat and a small amount of perlite for cumbers. The ratio is about 5: 4: 1.


The reproduction of the quiet night is divided into leaf insertion and divisions, which is very convenient to breed.

The power of the leaf insertion is high, but the time is long, but the germination rate is high.

The division is to wait for the growth period of the quiet night. The growth period of the quiet night grows quickly. It is easy to burst out the side buds. The side buds can be split. It will be easy to master these techniques and then prepare the bursting pot.



It will enter the dormant state in the summer and summer. It will be easy to die if it is placed outdoors, so we need to place it in the shade to avoid direct sunlight. At the same time, we must pay attention to the number of watering. The water is almost the same.


The low temperature of about minus 2 ° C can be resistant to the indoor temperature. It is not open -air. If the top growth point of the low leaves will appear frostbite, dry death, the entire winter is basically broken.