The flesh is not only small and fresh, but also ugly and strange. I want to vomit when I watch it.

Multi -sarcoma, cabbage king

The succulent tumor is produced by hybridization, mutation, and even virus infections. The favorite is eager to avoid it.

Silver silkworm

Silver silkworms, others think it looks like a silkworm, Huahua thinks it looks like a snake. It turns and winds in the song, so that Huahua thinks of “Human Snake War” and “Snake Witch” that Huahua watched when he was a kid.

This one seems to be a little fairy, not so scary!


The scary and disgusting of the loach palm is exactly the same as the silver silkworm. Looking at it, a lot of loach drilled out of the soil!

The loach is going to hunt collectively!

Waibu Smile

Huibing laughed at a fleshy and more niche, but many people like it. Although it looks like a tree root, it is still cute when he was a child. It is not like a little mouse.

Growing …


The true man of the anger, the iron blood, but maybe because the hormones are secreted too much, so … acne!

Wu Yuyu

This big bug is too scary, hurry up and move away, oh oh

Hoof jade

He is a patient with severe acne. He can’t help grinding it!

Golden fingers

Brothers, do this bowl of brain flowers!


In fact, it is okay, but the leaves are bent a little, and it is only!

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